Elect Pamela Randolph

For Sammamish City Council, Position 3


What does One Community, Many Voices mean to me? It means building bridges within our community in order to understand and accept the diverse views we hold. My commitment to our community is to listen for understanding and to be respectful of varied points of view. My strongly held belief is that community members should feel comfortable voicing their views without fear of retaliation. I am running for the City Council to build bridges, reduce divisiveness, and promote respectful interactions. I will promote the One Community, Many Voices approach to governance while focusing on public safety, fiscal responsibility and  plan development as outlined below.

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Public Safety

  • Ensure the reliability of emergency services.  
  • Ensure private property rights are enforced.  
  • Ensure planned development is in alignment with service delivery and proper traffic mitigation. 
  • Promote a safer community environment by engaging in programs such as: 
    • Neighborhood watch. 
    • Participate in National Night Out. 
  • Increase safety and accessibility throughout our parks, supporting family use. 

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Ensure that we are good stewards of our resources.  
  • Appropriated budget should not exceed projected revenue.
  • A prioritized spending matrix should be developed.
  • Increase the reserve to 25% until 6 months of operating expenses are saved.
  • Fund studies that have meaningful and implementable objectives.
  • Use available city space to support entrepreneur activities when conducting internships, mentoring, and training for our youth.
  • Encourage economic development and job opportunities
  • Encourage Sammamish residents to buy locally.

Planned Development

  • Support planned development to ensure that people who work in Sammamish can live in Sammamish.
  • Preserve the local culture and viability of the community.
  • Ensure transparency within the community development process.
  • Optimize local and regional transportation resources.
  • All elements of the Planned Development update must be evaluated by the City Council for long-term sustainability.

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