Elect Pamela Randolph

For LD41 State Representative Position 2


What does Building Bridges mean to me?

Building bridges means bringing our community together through respectful dialogue. I am committed to listening to and understanding diverse viewpoints, ensuring that everyone feels safe to express their opinions without fear. As your State Representative, my goal is to unite our community and enhance respectful interactions. I will promote legislation that focuses on Public Safety, Education, Affordability, and Families.

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Public Safety

Our State Representatives have pursued legislation that has harmed our communities. The evidence is the increase in community crime. Whether this is due to homelessness, addiction, lack of officers, or just our unwillingness to hold those who perpetuate crimes accountable, is out of control. By recognizing that we (the citizens) hold some responsibility for these developments, we can choose differently. We do not have a lack of laws; we have a failure to enforce the law. Our state and the citizens of our state have accepted these policies believing that we need to be more compassionate. Having known and helped those on the street, it is clear to me that our compassion is misplaced. We need to support those who are actively seeking help to get off the streets and improve their future. A turn to crime, whether it be through homelessness, addiction, or delinquency in our communities is a priority and must be addressed.

Areas of focus are:

  • Create local funding options to put more police officers on the street.
  • Close unauthorized encampments near schools and parks while offering service.
  • Fully fund non-uniformed School Resource Officers in every school
  • Uphold universal background checks on gun sales.
  • Invest in mental healthcare, including hospital beds.
  • Research and invest in gang violence prevention, especially for youth.
  • Support the prosecution and jailing of violent and career criminals.
  • Support consequences, such as court-mandated treatment or jail time for the public consumption of hard drugs.


Our families and children are our future! We must support parents to make the best choices for their children. Whether it is choosing the best public or charter school, understanding the curriculum that their children are engaged in, being able to seek tutoring support when needed for core subjects, and by increasing vocational programs parents will be empowered to guide their children. Supporting teachers with tax credits demonstrates our commitment to our children. Research shows that secondary students are better able to focus when they have a later start time. We can accommodate this. Research also shows that younger children are more successful with longer recess periods. These changes alone will support the needs of children based on their development and will enhance their learning of core subjects.

Areas of focus are:

  • Fund extended learning and tutoring options for students who fail to meet academic proficiency in core subjects.
  • Reestablish a statewide commitment to school choice in the form of charter schools and education savings accounts for low- and moderate-income families.
  • Provide teachers with a yearly tax credit for classroom supplies.
  • Encourage school districts to implement later start times for secondary students.
  • Extended recess periods for elementary students.
  • Eliminate divisive ideologies (DEI) and focus on merit-based opportunities.
  • Provide comprehensive career counseling in high schools.
  • Establish vocational colleges to meet the skilled labor shortage.
  • Ensure school security and safety measures.
  • A biological male should not compete with a biological female in sports after age 12.

Affordability and Family Support

WA residents are taxed at the highest sales tax rate in the country. Given the state has a surplus of funds why is this the case? By reducing taxes, increasing family tax credits, reducing permitting fees, providing for true property tax relief, and supporting job creation through small businesses, we can support families and let the people decide how best to utilize their resources! I oppose the WA Saves program for this reason. I will work to ensure the state programs designed to support veterans and children are effective and efficient. I am an advocate for the initiative process in which the people have a say in what is important to them first by their signature and second by their vote! I will oppose increasing taxes until efficiencies are realized and a true need is established.

Areas of focus are:

  • I-2117 – Stop the hidden gas tax – repeal the cap-and-trade tax.
  • I-2124 – opt out of state-run long-term-care coverage – repeal HB1011.
  • I-2109 – Repeal the Capital Gains tax – do not punish innovators and family businesses.
  • Use surplus state funds to cut the sales tax to 6%.
  • Expand Working families tax credit.
  • Provide true property tax relief for primary residences.
  • Repeal WA job-killing investment excise tax.
  • Oppose the WA Saves program – we need training to ensure that people understand how to manage their finances instead of allowing the nanny state to continue.
  • Expand downpayment assistance programs for first-time homebuyers and promote home ownership.
  • Establish a low-cost, expedited permitting process for low/moderate-income households.
  • Preserve and expand essential social services through efficient spending.
  • Implement programs to incentivize work and reduce reliance on welfare.
  • Establish social programs to support veterans.
  • Support job creation and small businesses through targeted tax incentives.
  • Before and after-school care options

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